Maternity shoot

with ”Love by Emelie”

My strength as a maternity photographer is that I make my customers feel comfortable, beautiful and relaxed. I capture their personalities and give them a priceless memory to keep for life. I select my locations with great care which gives the photos a special light and beautiful colors. I love to shoot on the beach at the sunset and capture the beautiful colors with my customers. Finding the perfect location for every customer is very important to me and I put a lot of commitment to every customer.

Maternity clothes

Over 60 different maternity clothes to borrow during the photo shoot


Great precision in time and location, which makes the magical light in the pictures


Fast delivery, finished selection after only 5 days in a personal gallery

An experience

Our photo shoot is very natural and fun, no stiff poses!


Your maternity shoot is available all over the world! I love to travel and see new places and I would love to hear about your location, see my booking form at the bottom of this page!


I’ve done several photo shoots in beautiful Greece, both Santorini and around Athens. You can book me anywhere in Greece and we will meet in good time before the shoot so you can try out clothes and look for beautiful locations for your shoot. I spend a lot of time to find the perfect place to make the pictures as beautiful as possible.


It’s possible to book me anywhere in Scandinavia, and it doesn’t need to be warm! Actually, I LOVE the snow and I would be happy to travel in winter time as well. When we photograph during the winter we use special heat bags to attach to your body under your clothes. These will keep you warm together with hot drinks and we also take a break with warm blankets whenever it’s needed.


I love to travel and depending on which location it’s also possible to book me outside Europe. In January 2017 I was in Aruba and had three maternity shoots. This Island is amazing and I would be happy to return! There’s no package for outside of Europe but you are warmly welcome to contact me with your request and I will provide a package with travel, accommodation and photo shoot included.


Iceland is, without doubt, my favorite island and I visit Iceland at least two times a year. I’ve made many trips to this magical place and I have great experience of finding beautiful locations and how to work with the unpredictable weather. Iceland has a special package available when I’m around and it’s easy to book me whenever. Don’t hesitate to contact me with your request ♥


Emelie felt more like a friend rather than someone I just met, amazing!

About me

Emelie Ohlsson,30 years old from Helsingborg, Sweden. 

♥ Full-time photographer since 2008
♥ Love to travel and have visited many countries during the years
♥ Laugh a lot (and loud) which makes uncomfortable customers relax
♥ In love with sunsets, red wine, cheese and pastel colors.
♥ Have educated over 6000 photographers since 2010

Rachel ``Yoga girl``:

Photography genuis, sun priestess and capturer of all things magic

Book me!

Use the booking form below to send your request to us! We will then answer within two working days with suggested dates if available. We book a date for your photo shoot and you will get access to a ”before the shoot”  page. There you can choose freely in the gallery with all the clothes and get full support from me and my assistant as well. You will also pay a booking fee of 2500 SEK (261€/278$) to guarantee your date. The booking fee amount will be reduced from the package price that you pay after the photo shoot.

Photo shoot

We keep in contact during the whole time and if you want we can have a Skype-session to prepare even more. I will arrive a few days or one day before our shoot to prepare with locations. During the shoot, I will help you what to do and how to stand so it feels natural and not stiff. The most important thing is that you feel relaxed and it will be a fun and memorable moment!

After our photo shoot

About 5 days after the shoot, you will get a selection with lots of beautiful photos of great variety. Here you can choose in peace and quiet your favorites and can even choose optional photo package of affordable prices (from 23 € per digital picture) if you wish to buy more. A few days after you’ve chosen, you will get your fully processed photos delivered in an online gallery with free usage rights.

Maternity clothes

When you are pregnant, you probably don’t want to buy expensive maternity dresses only for a photo shoot. Therefore, I have a great selection of beautiful dresses, skirts, and accessories that I lend during our photoshoot. You type in your email address on this page and highlight the ones you like the most with a heart. I usually recommend three different outfits so you can try them out before and select a favorite. If you wish for an outfit change during the shoot, that’s fine too! I offer up to 60 different combinations from sizes XS-XXL.

Questions & answers


I recommend you to send a request when you reach week 20 of your pregnancy as the latest. This is because I’m usually fully booked several months ahead. In case you’ve already passed 20 weeks of your pregnancy, please send your request as soon as possible and I will do what I can to help you. When I’ve received your request, we will determine a date for your maternity shoot. If your shoot is outside Europe I will get back to you with a package offer for everything included.

The time will be selected to capture soft and beautiful light about 1-3 hours before sunset.

Once the booking is confirmed, I will send you a booking fee of SEK 2500 (261€/278$) through the billing page Billogram. This ensures your date and time and the booking fee amount will be reduced from your bill sent after the shooting. If our maternity shoot is within 2 weeks after the booking, you will receive a bill with the whole package to be paid 2 days before the shooting.

Depending on where you want your shoot I have contacts to satisfy your wishes of options, their price will be attached to your bill.

♥ Makeup and hair styling 

Book a makeup and hair styling for our shoot.

♥ Flower crown 

A romantic and beautiful crown of flowers from the florist raises the photos a lot.

♥ Hotel Rooms

If you want a part of your shoot to be indoors, contact me and I will find a beautiful room for you!


Select more photos beyond the ones included in your package, prices are specified below excluding the maternity shoot package. This allows you to choose after the photo shoot and is not needed to be informed in advance.

Extra photos 229 SEK /23€ / 25$ pc

PACKAGES 10 photos (5 pcs. extra) SEK 1000 SEK / 104€ / 111$

PACKAGES 20 photos (15 pcs. extra) 3000 SEK / 313€ / 334$

LUXURY PACKAGE (all photos, about 50 pc.) SEK 6990 SEK / 730€/  778$

Delivered digitally for use on the Internet or PRINTS up to 40x50cm, the photos are in JPG and is also available in the internet-friendly format.


Fine art prints from 800 SEK (83€/89$), album from 3000 SEK ( 313€/334$)

Between 3-5 days after the shoot (about 10 days during May to August), you get a selection at the page Pixieset. The photos on the page are used only as a sample and may not be downloaded or used. To you select the photos you want to order you can highlight them with the heart and you can share the link with friends and family if you want.

A few days after you have made your selection you get the photos delivered on the same page, then they can be downloaded and used unlimited. You will receive the photos in high resolution (5760 x 3840 px, 300 dpi) and screen resolution (1024 × 683, 72dpi). High-resolution photos are used for your own developing and screen resolution is for use on the Internet. It differs very much in quality if you would order or post the wrong format, so be careful with this.

Before you develop your photos, remember to use a good lab that does not change the photos in any way. The pictures must not be edited in any way after I delivered them. That means you may not put on a filter, make black and white or resembling. Crops made through Facebook or Instagram is no problem. If you wish to have the whole photo on Instagram, I recommend the app Instasize or Whitagram. When you publish the photos you are welcome to write ”Photo: Love by Emelie”. If you want to write about your experience of the photo shoot, I’ll be more than happy if you wish to email me afterwards ♥. Sometimes I show my photo shoots on Facebook, Instagram or on the blog, If you don’t want the photos to be shown, please inform me and we will solve it.

Can siblings and partner join?

Of course! Siblings and children are welcome! Remember to have similar clothes on them and that they are fed and rested before the photo shoot. I usually recommend taking pictures with siblings at the beginning or at the end. It can also help for you to bring someone who can accompany and look after the children when we photograph you alone.

Many combine photography with partners and at the same time taking some photos themselves, all the combinations goes well 🙂

”I have no experience being in front of the camera, how do I do?”

During the photo shoot, I will guide you how to stand and what to do so you feel completely safe during the photo shoot. I don’t usually provide advanced ”poses” because I think naturally is better. For example, I really like when the mother puts her chin a little upright for a more ”proud” impression. I like to bring out the strong woman instead of cute and ”little”. When you put your hands on the belly, it’s important that you don’t cover it so that the stomach can be seen and no dress hanging outside. You can put a hand above and one below if you wish. If you have bangs or a lot of hair it’s very good to put it behind your ears or attach it up on the sides so I can see your face.

We will vary positions with you standing up, sitting down and maybe walking. I will bring blankets that you can sit on and warm you up. When you have a good position, I take some pictures of different compositions, a little closer, stepped back, and then warms you up with a blanket if it is cold before we change position. I talk all the time with you so you feel comfortable and safe!

During the photo shoot, feel free to vary a bit where you look, a little on the stomach, upwards towards me, on the side towards the dress. Together with your partner, you are welcome to be spontaneous with laughing, kissing and hugging. Try to avoid talking too much as this can be seen in the pictures and no gum!

Hair and makeup

Feel free to style yourselves how to feel comfortable and beautiful! The only important thing is that you do not wear too dark makeup, it’s not like when you’re shooting in the studio and need to ”exaggerate”.


Before the maternity shoot, we will select a location for the photo shoot. I’m very selective when I look for a location, and I would say that this is very vital to get my expected colors and light in the photos. It’s all from how the background looks, into the surroundings and how the colors come in to play, so, therefore, I recommend particular locations for you to create as beautiful pictures as possible. It varies a bit depending on what season it is, but in common is that the colors of the location should be neutral (no strong colors). Examples are the beaches, reeds/beige straw, meadows, and fields. Places that we avoid is the city environment, dark forests and lakes without shores, the water from the lake will not appear in the pictures as in reality, but very dark. Beaches on the coast work very well when the sand is light and reflects in the pictures, the light there will, therefore, be very nice!


”What happens in case of bad weather?”

Since the light matters so much in the pictures we will always try to book a new date, therefore I always have a few days after our shoot free on the trip. There’s no charge for rescheduling the maternity shoot due to bad weather, and I am very flexible with finding a new date. It’s fine to shoot on the beach if it’s a bit of sun behind the clouds, but in the forest environment, we need to have a relatively blue sky to bring out the good light. In case of extremely bad weather, all the days and we are not able to be outside I will find an indoor option so we can do the photo shoot anyway.

Magical Iceland

Maternity shoot 1-2 hours in different locations

Up to 2 changes of outfits with beautiful maternity clothes
Web gallery with all the selected photos for the selection (about 50 pieces).
10 pieces. high resolution digital photos with free use


– Skype consultation, help with clothes and questions
– Lending of beautiful clothes
– Tickets to Iceland
– Lodging on Iceland 2-3 days

123 000 ISK / 1040€

Special price 13-15 april & 24th of June 2018

50 000 ISK / 422€

West/south Iceland


Maternity shoot 1-2 hours
Up to 2 different changes of outfits with beautiful maternity clothes
Web gallery with all the selected photos for the selection (about 50 pieces).
10 pieces. high resolution digital photos with free use


– Skype consultation, help with clothes and questions
– Lending of beautiful clothes
– Tickets to the destination
– Lodging on destination 2-3 days


Limited offer

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