About me

My socks always disappear mysterious, I sing loud in the shower and I start my days with yoga. I mostly do three things at the same time and have a lot of energy. I laugh loud (but cry quiet at the ceremonies) and have a deep love to photography. I grew up with dreams of becoming a actress or singer, but destiny choose another way for me. When I was 17 I was in the tsunami in Thailand and lost my little sister Paulina. After that I choose a new way for my life – photography. My bagage is now my strength and Paulinas name tattooed on my arm is my reminder that everything is possible. When I was in Thailand for the ceremony 10 years after they were preparing for a wedding at the beach, at that same beach where we ran for our lives and Paulina lost her life. It turned out that they were one photographer short and I got the job. It was with many emotions but also much love that I captured the wedding, in the background I could see my sisters picture on the memory tree. My choice to be a photographer have never felt more right.